Compass Consulting

Our Team

Ron Brumbarger, CEO & Lead Coach

I’m seeking opportunities to bring my enthusiasm, servant leader mindset, and executive experience to assist companies wanting to identify opportunities, untangle problems, and apply technology and innovation where appropriate. Accustomed to working alongside fellow executives, I bring the necessary experience along with the desire to inculcate an entrepreneurial mindset throughout organizations. I’m looking to invest in leadership teams on a part-time basis who require a thoughtful contributor skilled in design thinking and creative problem-solving.

Grace Murrell, Marketing Director & Facilitator

An avid learner, I endeavor to gather knowledge and experience, develop an investigative approach, and create concrete solutions with wide-ranging consequence. I shine when I can generate information that results in tangible advancements in society, maximizing opportunity and impacting others for good. In all such pursuits, I strive for excellence, professionalism, and humility.