Compass Consulting Engagement with Kehren Development

Applied Innovation Workshop

The Challenge

Professional services firms, especially those in fast-paced technology fields, wrestle with inefficiencies in processes. Despite every effort to develop and repeat refined processes, every engagement and every client is different. Flexibility, agility, and resiliency in the firm’s processes and coupled with reliable team interactions are paramount for profitable operations.

Kehren Development of Wisconsin recognized this and hired Compass Consulting to help identify and address inefficiencies in their business.

Compass Consulting’s Grace Murrell was the lead facilitator for the workshop and she was supported by Ron Brumbarger, Compass Consulting’s “workshop coach.” Ron’s 25 years of experience as CEO of Bitwise, a competitive firm to Kehren, proved to be invaluable in assisting the team to consider alternative viewpoints to address the questions of inefficiencies.

The Workshop

The two-day engagement began with team-building activities and a deep understanding of one another’s preferred problem solving styles. The Kehren team, having previously completed the Creative Problem-Solving Profile assessment administered by Compass Consulting, learned much about their own individual problem-solving style as well as those of their teammates. The insights each team member gained into their co-worker’s approaches to solving problems proved to be pivotal in the workshop.

The Results

The group produced volumes of innovative approaches to address the inefficiency challenge. The methodology, known as Simplexity, selected by Compass Consulting for this workshop, pushed the Kehren team to address the root cause of their inefficiencies. The Simplexity methodology reliably fosters an attitude of innovation from workshop participants and this workshop was no exception. The innovative insights helped the Kehren team realize the root cause of their perceived inefficiencies could be minimized through more intentional delegation and staff communications.

The workshop, deemed successful by the Kehren team, produced a prioritized agenda of activities for the group to execute. Additionally, the workshop helped the group identify multiple business opportunities to be explored at a later date.