Compass Consulting Engagement with Peace Restored

Applied Innovation Workshop

The Challenge

 Peace Restored is a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to helping women find hope and healing from difficult life experiences, ranging from childhood sexual abuse to young widowhood. In February 2020, the organization was wrestling with the challenge of how to expand their facilities so that they might expand their mission. Currently based in Morgan County, Peace Restored serves women in 8 other counties and needed more space to provide more services and care to their clients.

The Workshop

Apprentice University applied the Simplexity Thinking methodology for the workshop. The engagement began with an introduction to innovative mindsets and individual problem solving preferences. The group then went through discovering the facts about the challenge statement, How Might We Expand Our Facilities?, as well as defining and reframing the problem. The Simplexity process helped the team expose unforeseen obstacles and eliminate barriers to
innovation; visualize fresh approaches and perspectives; build alignment on priorities; and identify possible solutions and next steps for the organization.

The Results

At the end of the workshop, the Peace Restored team had identified six Challenge Statements to further explore and innovate on; within the workshop, the group selected two Challenge Statements for which they ideated potential solutions and developed action steps.

Having begun with the original challenge of expanding facilities, the process, and its visualization tools, led the team to realize that they both needed to redefine their conception of ‘facility’ as well as address higher priority problems of community awareness and messaging. They better understood the complexity of the challenges Peace Restored faces and had discovered fresh ways to approach such problems.