Compass Consulting Engagement with Wycliffe USA

Applied Innovation Workshop

The Challenge

In September 2019, Ron Brumbarger and Faith Murrell of Apprentice University came to Wycliffe USA and led a creative problem-solving workshop to determine ways in which the two organizations might collaborate. Even though Wycliffe is highly esteemed and part of an international Bible translation network, they still struggle with recruiting talent. Wycliffe was looking to Apprentice University to be a source for future, well-prepared recruits.

The Workshop

Apprentice University applied the Simplexity Thinking methodology for the workshop. The engagement began with an introduction to innovative mindsets and individual problem-solving preferences. The group then went through discovering the facts about the challenges of the two organizations being more tightly integrated, as well as defining and reframing the problem.

The Simplexity process helped the team expose unforeseen obstacles and eliminate barriers to innovation; visualize fresh approaches and perspectives; build alignment on priorities; and identify and schedule implementation steps.

The Results

This process was interactive, engaging, and very visual. The iterative approach helped the broad range of leaders fully understand Wycliffe’s internal integration challenges. In the course of the workshop, the team discovered fresh ways to address their internal collaboration challenges.

The process led to a very different set of outcomes than anticipated. The original challenge revolved around partnership opportunities between Wycliffe and Apprentice University; the resulting work focused on Wycliffe’s need to develop an intentional mentoring program for their staff. This result was not a surprise to anyone in the workshop, although the subject of mentoring had not previously been at the forefront of the conversation.