Compass Consulting offers a variety of consulting services that all serve to help a team and organization develop an attitude of innovation and apply a creative problem-solving mindset and methodology to any fuzzy situations and challenges they might face. Learn more below about how you can transform and grow your business through applied innovation.

Problem-Solving Engagements

Compass Consulting offers problem-solving engagements that can last anywhere from a one-time workshop to several months. These engagements focus on attacking specific fuzzy situations a business is facing, helping teams overcome the challenges through innovative solutions and iteration.

Training Workshops

You are an innovator. Everyday you encounter problems and obstacles, and you solve them. Here at Compass Consulting, we want to equip you with the best tools, techniques, and mindsets to attack and overcome the challenges you, and your team, faces on a daily basis. From introductions to the basis to training as a facilitator, you will leave our training workshops as a better leader and problem-solver. Let us help you rediscover your innovative potential and abilities.

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Team Building

Teamwork and collaboration is crucial for surviving and thriving in our modern economy. They are also difficult to do well. Compass Consulting guides your team through various exercises and activities to gain empathy with each other, identify individual and group strengths and weaknesses, and develop solutions that ensure your team is a high performing team.

Organizational Strengthening

Organizational Strengthening initiatives require a lot of time and effort. Utilizing various metrics, team building activities, and creative problem-solving methodologies, Compass Consulting guides your company through identifying pain points all the way through implementing iterative solutions one step at a time.